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Tomorrows cranes - since 1966

Penz crane GmbH – One of the world’s leading crane construction companies.


Founded as an individual enterprise in 1966, the company consists of a global sales and spare parts network today. Thanks to the pioneer spirit of Rochus Penz senior the legendary “Z crane” was invented. So the birth of this folding truck-mounted timber crane was in Austria and sold exclusively from the company’s headquarter in Aichdorf, Styria, for many years. In the meanwhile this technology became worldwide standard but is continuously improved by the company’s engineers to provide most innovative and versatile products for this field of application.

The experienced crane construction specialist not only operates in the timber handling and loading sector but also offers customer specific solutions in stationary crane construction, special purpose crane construction and recycling crane construction. The company’s own workshop and numerous authorised and experienced partners guarantee best service for crane owners to enable longest lifetime and lowest total cost of ownership of the crane. The company’s ISO certification proves that Penz works to the highest standards.





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